Friday, 7 January 2011

Client Meeting

Client meeting

My client for this unit is Ms. Jones. She is my client because she is the producer and director of the production, “little shop of horrors”. In my first meeting with Ms. Jones I presented all of my visual research. This included my 1950’s mood board and experiments with typefaces. I also showed her the different themes and designs.
My client Ms. Jones gave me fantastic feedback on how to improve my designs. She told me that she liked the black, green, and red colours. However, she wanted one aspect from each of my designs to put into one poster. She clearly stated that that the legal requirements must be printed in small print onto the poster. This would make the production copyright free. The feedback that Ms. Jones gave me affected my work vastly. This is because I wanted to reach my clients expectations and have an amazing result. I changed my work and did exactly what she told me to do. After doing what my client told me to do. I then showed her and she liked my work. This shows that my client was happy with my result and I was happy and I reached her expectations. It was important to discuss progress with the client because you will then know what she wants you to do. It is very important to have more than one meeting to show changes and improvements. This would make my work better and my client very happy as my work would match her expectations.

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