Friday, 7 January 2011

Poster Analysis


Colour… I have decided to have a black background with red writing because this shows the theme of the show is a horror immediately. Also the colours are contrast and stand out on each other from a distance. This will attract its target audience.

Text/font… as you can see I have used a font that matches the theme of the show. The title has blood dripping off of it and this shows that the show is a scary, brutal production.
Legal requirements

Legal requirements... This needed to be added to the bottom of the poster. This is because of the copyright laws.  This shows that all of this work is ours and original.
Dates… the dates of the show had to be written on to poster in order to let the target audience know when it was. As you can see its written in a normal but bold font to make it more readable but stand out.
Image… the image that I have deiced to use is one that would appeal to the attended target audience. As you can see it has been edited to make it look brighter and stand out.

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