Friday, 7 January 2011



In this unit I was asked to create a scenario for a school production that was based in the 1950’s era. The play that our school has chosen to put in production is ‘the little shop of horrors’.

We were all set a certain area to develop our ideas and to get the production up and running. The area that I choose to go into was ‘graphics’. The reason why I choose to do graphics was because I am currently taking A level graphics so therefore know how to make effective posters, leaflets and tickets that will attract the attention of the target audience.

The theme of the play is ‘horror’. This means that we had to follow a house style on the posters to present the play scary. The typeface and the images had to scary. This is very effective as it will attract more of its target audience and will show them that the play is going to be a horror.

In this unit I will also have a formal interview with Mrs. Jones as she is the head of the production. This will allow me to find out information on how she wants the props to look and be.  

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