Friday, 7 January 2011

Health and safety considerations

Risk assesment

Risk:                                                                            Solution:
Pre Production:                                                  Pre Production:
·         Use of power tools                              wear safety clothes/goggles
·         Cutting equipment                               Use cutting mats/cut away
·         Use of paint and glue/solvents           Use water based liquids
·         Using suitable materials                    check out fire retardency rules
·         Heavy lifting                                       work in groups, bend knees
·         Ensure props are safe for performers      plant… make sure its stable

Production:                                                      Production:
·        Stage blackout/falling/tripping         Use of torches, marks on the floors
·        Height hazard, falling off            clear announcements to cast
·        Props being misused/lost                  keep props on specific table
·        Moving scenery                                 Well rehearsed jobs
·        Crowd control                                    controlled ticket sales, security
·        Fire                                                    Clear announcements, clear signs

After logging onto this website …

I found out about all of the relevant laws that can be researched. I found out about violence to workers that are in the show. Some of the hazards that were said were:
Productions can encounter violence from many directions. These include:
·         members of the public intending to steal or demanding 'protection';
·         people who do not wish to be recorded;
·         direct or indirect assault when caught in an affray;
·         situations of public disorder or civil disturbance;
·         conflicts with contractors, other productions or other members of your own crew;
·         hostile 'authorities'/forces, eg crew arrested/kidnapped;
·         people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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